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Phoenix heat is harsh on home air conditioners. When the average temperature in summer is over 100º, your AC unit is constantly working as hard as possible.

Without the right air conditioner installed, you’ll need constant repairs to keep it running every year.

If you have an old or worn-out AC unit, you may be causing unnecessary discomfort for you and your family, as you might not be cooling your entire home properly.

You are also probably spending far more on your energy bill each month than you need to be.

If you are ready to cool down your home more effectively and more affordably, then you are ready to upgrade to a Bosch air conditioner.

Keep reading to see why Bosch is the best choice for Phoenix homeowners, as well as our favorite units to stay comfortable in the Arizona heat.

Some Benefits of upgrading to a Bosch Air Conditioner

There are many reasons to upgrade to a Bosch AC unit, especially in areas like Phoenix when air conditioning is needed year-round. 

First off, modern units, especially Bosch AC units, are far more efficient. They can save you hundreds of dollars per month. And since these units are built to last, you’ll be saving money for years and years.

On top of that, they cool your house more effectively, and remain at your ideal temperature throughout the day, without fluctuating so much.

Older systems take much longer to reach your ideal temperature. New Bosch units will make your home comfortable much faster, using less energy.

And thanks to constant advances in technology, new Bosch air conditioners are smaller and sleeker than ever before. They take up less space and look way better than old units.

New Bosch units are variable speed AC units. This means that they are some of the quietest AC units you can get, a huge upgrade to air conditioners of the past.

Newer systems are also easier to maintain than older, outdated systems.

Incentives for Upgrading Air Conditioners in Phoenix

Electricity companies around the country are strained in the summer. Almost every household and business cranks their AC down to stay cool.

Look at any list of the hottest cities in the US, and Phoenix is almost always number 1.

Many utility companies offer rebates for upgrading appliances such as air conditioners.

New units, for example, can use as much as 40% less energy than older models. Your power company needs people to use less electricity, and they are willing to pay you to do just that. 

When you purchase qualifying air conditioners and have them installed by certified technicians, you may be eligible for rebates from your Phoenix power company; Salt River Project Power and Water (SRP), or Arizona Public Service Electric (APS).

SRP Rebates 

For the SRP Cool Cash Rebate Program, you could qualify for as much as $1,125 back on a new energy-efficient AC system.

The rebates available depend on the compressor type and seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER). 

The SEER value must be 16.0 or higher. Inverter-driven split systems are the most energy-efficient type of compressor. These qualify for the highest rebate. 

The Bosch systems mentioned below meet these specifications.

You’ll also need to meet the following requirements:

  • Permanent SRP residential customer living in a single-family home (detached or attached), mobile home, apartment, or condo
  • Buy a qualified system and have it installed by a licensed professional
  • Replace an older, less efficient unit
  • May need to submit additional forms and have an inspection
  • Complete and submit the rebate application

APS Rebates

As a permanent APS customer, you may qualify for up to $200 in rebates if your existing air conditioner is at least 10 years old.

The new unit must be at least 15.0 SEER and be installed by a licensed professional in order to qualify. 

Whoever completes the installation of your unit can submit the rebate paperwork on your behalf.

And remember, regardless of your power company, your new AC unit will not only earn you a rebate but could potentially save hundreds of dollars per month, thousands over the years, in electricity cost.

Best Bosch Air Conditioners

Now that you are considering a new Bosch AC installation, let’s take a look at the best type of unit you can get.

Inverter ducted split systems (IDS) maintain a consistent room temperature throughout the day by self-adjusting as needed.

Old systems cycle on and off, which leads to uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. It gets cold while it’s on, and as soon as it reaches the desired temperature, it turns off. Then your home starts heating up again, and so the cycle continues.

And since these systems self-adjust smoothly, they use energy much more efficiently. Older units use more energy having to constantly turn on and off.

They are some of the quietest units available, with sound ratings as low as 56 dBA. And they are compatible with almost any modern thermostat.

There are a few different models to choose from; the Bosch 18 SEER air conditioner, Bosch 19 SEER air conditioner, or the Bosch 20 SEER air conditioner, depending on the size of your home and exactly how much climate control you’d prefer.

The rebates mentioned above only require a 15 or 16 SEER rating. And since these are inverter split systems, they usually qualify for the highest rebates.

It also comes with peace of mind. When installed by a professional, Bosch units come with a 10-year residential limited warranty.

Stay Cool and Save Money

When it comes to staying comfortable in our wonderful, but extremely hot, city of Phoenix, you need an air conditioner that is reliable, efficient, and able to withstand the Arizona heat.

Upgrading to a new Bosch air conditioner can be one of the best investments you make to improve the value and comfort of your home. You’ll save money upfront with rebates, and you’ll save money every month with a lower bill.

We are Bosch accredited contractors and will ensure you get the perfect unit installed properly.

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